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Like Father

Like Father by Nick Gifford

Voices in my head. It's driving me mad. It's like my skull's splitting open from the inside. They're talking to me. Laughing at me. Telling me what to do. I'll have their tongues. That'll shut them up.

Danny is terrified of being like his father. His dad ended up in prison after a night of savage violence.

But then he finds his father's diary and uncovers his dark thoughts - and even darker secrets. Who was whispering to his father, goading him, leading him on?

And what if they are coming back for Danny?

*Originally published by Puffin as Incubus, this edition reverts to the author's preferred title.

the author says...

Much as we might love and admire our parents, we don't really want to turn out like them, do we? That feeling is even more understandable when your father happens to be a deranged murderer... Danny Smith spends his days trying desperately to keep his family together, and his nights fearing the first signs that his father's madness might be affecting him, too. But what drove his father mad in the first place? This story should bring a whole new meaning to the idea of confronting the family demons!
  This book features some rather suspect websites and, of course, you shouldn't normally visit these kinds of sites. However, out of the kindness of my heart (or perhaps because I'm a spoilsport), I've negotiated with the owners of these sites and ensured that they're safe for you to visit. is the home of the ouija chatroom which appears in Incubus, and is the home of the alternative community where much of the story takes place.

what the reviewers said

"Warning! This book is a super-spooky thriller! ... Take our advice: only read this in the day... we were terrified." Krazeclub

"Not for the faint-hearted, this is a horror story in true Stephen King fashion ... The tension is neatly interwoven with the detail of ordinary teenage life but there are plenty of spine-tingling moments that ensure you'll think twice before turning the light out at bedtime!" PTA Spring (National Confederation of Parent-Teacher Associations)

"ACHUKA Choice: A really well-written chiller-thriller..." Achukareviews

"This book is highly recommended for fans of teenage horror." Reading Is Fundamental (National Literacy Trust)

"A tense, disturbing, gripping, sometimes ambiguous story, in which horror, subtle characterisation and sensitive depiction of relationships combine with a strong sense of place to make a memorable read."Carousel

"A truly cathartic denouement is carried off with panache, and this is about the only book I know that successfully uses a computer screen to evoke fear ... a chilling horror story." The Scotsman

"Nick Gifford's brand of horror is chilling and exciting. He keeps his readers in suspense fearful, yet desperate to turn that page." Brainy Days

"Really spooky! I'd definitely try out other books by this author as Nick Gifford makes you want to keep reading." Teen Titles

"Definitely one to read at night, at arm's length and with the light on." Newcastle Evening Chronicle

"Incubus is a chilling psychological drama, a supernatural horror story and, somewhere on the edge, is a political thriller: the episodes in East Germany are as tense and unusual as the rest ... a dark story that will chill the reader ... Teenage readers should find this gripping: a cut above the usual horror tale." School Librarian

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